Over the weekend a variety of sources reported air strikes in the eastern part of Aleppo, a city in Syria with a strong presence of resistance forces against the Assad regime. This video, uplodaded by Türkmen Haber Ajansı (وكالة التركمان الأخبارية) of the Aleppo Media Center (مركز حلب الإعلامي), is described as showing the aftermath of a strike on the Haydariyeh Roundabout, which is actually in the north of the city. You can also view photos here: http://yhoo.it/1bL4MqD The air raids killed at least 76, including 28 children and four women, according to reports, and were described as “unprecedented” for the use of “barrel bombs,” literally, barrels packed with explosives dropped from helicopters. Objects such as nails are often added to these types of bombs to increase their lethality.