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Nude models, artists take to NYC streets

New York really is “the naked city.”

Artists in Manhattan painted the bodies of 40 nude models on Saturday, turning the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park into an outdoor celebration of the human form.

Artist Andy Golub says New York was the only city in the country that would allow his inaugural Bodypainting Day. And he says that only happened after a legal battle.

Golub and a model were arrested in 2011 during a body-painting project in Times Square.

The city paid model Zoe West a $15,000 settlement after she sued over the arrest. Public nudity is legal in the city if it’s part of a performance, exhibition or show.

Golub’s event Saturday included a post-painting march down Broadway and a return to Times Square for a photo shoot. (AP)

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Pretty power plants

You wouldn’t normally associate power stations with beautiful scenic shots but one photographer has traveled nearly 2000 to track down the ugliest energy plants and show them in a whole new light. Czech snapper, Radek Kalhous, uses Google Earth to find the perfect locations for his unique pictures and arrives at each site after sunset to create the atmospheric shots.

The 40-year-old uses nothing more than clever lighting and a tilt-shift lens to capture the ugly power stations in a series of dreamy photographs which resemble something from a model toy world. Radek has clocked up almost 2000 miles so far in his quest to create the thought-provoking photos. (Caters News)

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Childhood drawings recreated

A strange looking fly turned into a three dimensional digital painting. Some people will say that every child’s drawing is a masterpiece, but one artist has revisited some of his earliest illustrations to create a collection of surreal paintings. After discovering a pile of his old childhood doodles.

Dutch-based artist, Telmo Pieper, 25, decided to digitally recreate the sketches into hyper realistic, three-dimensional works of art. Whether its a beaming bear or a curious looking car, the series entitled Kiddie Art gives an amusing and fascinating glimpse into the wild imagination of a 4-year-old boy.

Luckily, its fair to say that Telmos art skills have now far surpassed his former efforts and after tracing the lines of each image into Photoshop, he then set about researching an accurate color palette that would make the illustrations seem as life like as possible. (Caters News)

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Photos of the day - July 24, 2014

A forensic team recovers human remains at the wreckage scene of crashed TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 on the outlying island of Penghu, Taiwan, Vincenzo Nibali of Italy pushes away a spectator as he cycles to win the 18th stage of the Tour de France and a Palestinian boy cries after watching his wounded relatives being rushed to emergency rooms at the Nasser hospital following an Israeli air strike are some of the photos of the day. (AP/EPA/Reuters)

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James Garner 1928-2014

Actor James Garner, best known for his prime-time television roles as the wisecracking frontier gambler on “Maverick” and as an ex-con turned private eye on “The Rockford Files,” has died at age 86, Los Angeles police confirmed early on Sunday.

Garner, who built a six-decade career playing ruggedly charming, good-natured anti-heroes and received the highest honor of the Screen Actors Guild in 2004, was found dead from natural causes on Saturday night at his Los Angeles home, according to police.

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Photographer Carolyn Kaster

Carolyn Kaster began her career as a freelance photojournalist and joined the AP staff in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in 2003. She is currently based in Washington, DC.

For the AP, Kaster has created video essays and stills for various national assignments, including hurricanes in the Carolina’s and Texas, the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and John McCain and Michael Jackson’s death and funeral.

Kaster has won multiple awards for her work including first place for 2013 Pictures of the Year International Campaign Single and first place at the 2012 Atlanta Photojournalism seminar. (AP)

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Polar bears in sunset

They’re usually pictured against a bright white backdrop but this family of polar bears bathed in a vibrant reds, yellows and oranges as they watched a glorious sunset in Alaska.

The stunning shots capture the moment a female bear and her two cubs enjoyed the last warm rays of the sun at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Kaktovik. The bears can be seen gazing at the vibrant sunset and appear to revel in the tranquil moment as they bask in the array of colors.

Photographer, Sylvain Cordier, spent three weeks following the bears to capture the memorable moment. The 67-year-old from Alsace in France said: I was lucky because I was photographing a very calm and cooperative mother and her two large cubs.

(Photos by Caters News/Sylvain Cordier)

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The currency collages of C. K. Wilde

Artist C. K. Wilde creates intricate collage compositions using pieces of paper currency from all over the world. His collages have referenced subjects ranging from space exploration, to mythology, religion, slavery, ecology, the history of warfare, the history of money, and art history.

C.K. Wilde: "My fetishization of paper money comes from my childhood. I traveled to Europe often to visit my relatives. When I returned, I often still had money from the places where I traveled. An attempt to buy candy with Deutsche Marks in the U.S. brought into sharp relief the inherent contradictions of nationalism and international travel. Are we not one people on our one planet? I thought. Why is this money powerful only in one context, useless in another?" (Yahoo News)

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Infrared Iceland

These eerily stunning images taken using infrared lighting reveal the landscapes of Iceland in all their natural glory. Andy Lee, 45, uses a special technique which blocks out light from some visible wavelengths and picks up light from others invisible to the naked eye.

The results left Lee, who works as a creative director, with a collection of breathtaking pictures of the elements pouring over the snow-covered mountain ranges. Lee said he witnessed dramatic changes in weather conditions in the space of a few hours. (Caters News)

Visit Andy Lee’s website to view more of his work.

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The World Cup in Photos of the day - July 1, 2014

Exhausted U.S. players lie on the ground as Belgium’s Axel Witsel (6) celebrates at the end of the extra time during the World Cup round of 16 soccer match between Belgium and the USA, Switzerland’s Blerim Dzemaili, top center, reacts after failing to score during the World Cup match between Argentina and Switzerland and Belgium’s Divock Origi, left, and United States’ Jermaine Jones battle for the ball during the World Cup match are some of the photos of the day. (AP/Reuters)

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